Term 5

Incredible Inventions!
Term 5 was all about 'incredible inventors' and their inventions. 


We began our topic by taking off in our time machine, to go back in history and meet some incredible inventors. We looked at their inventions and ordered them on a timeline. We even began thinking like an inventor and started to ask ‘inventor questions’ that lead to inventions.

Our main focus was on the inventors of different methods of communication. We 'met' William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee and discovered how they both changed the way we communicate. Our journey back through time also helped us to discover how people recreated and printed text in the past and we tried out a variety of ways to reproduce our writing for mass production, such as morse code and telegrams.

Maths Week
Term 5 finished with a whole school maths week. In Class 3 we began our week by learning and retelling the maths story 'Journey to Mars'. We used the story to help us with a number of maths activities including:
  • Solving 'rocket' number and word problems
  • Designing and making our own maths board game called 'Blast Off!'
  • Creating space art and patterns with a variety of circles, using work by the artist Wassily Kandinsky as inspiration.
We also invited parents & carers into class, to see how we can use Lego in maths to help us understand a variety of mathematical concepts. Lots of fun was had by all!