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Term 2 - Class 5

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Amazing Americas

Our topic will be Amazing Americas. In Geography we will be exploring the physical and human geography of North and South America. We will also be learning about the different climates and biomes. We will also be reading the story ‘Holes’ and using it to inspire other pieces of writing such as letter writing and diary writing.


In English, we will be studying the ‘Teacher Pleaser Machine’ and will use the model text to innovate our very own explanation text. We will also study narratives and explore what makes a successful, engaging story. Children will analyse ‘The Box’ and use this to inspire their own action stories. 


In Maths we will be studying multiplication, division and fractions.


In Science we will be studying “properties and changes of matter”. This will involve investigating a range of reversible and irreversible changes.


In RE we will be reflecting on the question “How people express their identities and beliefs”


In PSHE we will be celebrating differences and learning all about the things which make us unique.


In French we will be learning all the vocabulary surrounding the months of the year and the days of the week, working towards answering the key question “what is the date?”


In DT we will be celebrating culture and seasonality. We will explore and evaluate elements of Mexican cuisine. We will then plan and produce our own Mexican inspired dish. 


In PE we will have Dance on a Wednesday and we will be working individually and in pairs to create a sequence of moves.


In ICT we will continue with our work on coding. We will then learn how to use spreadsheets, and the basics of Excel.