Term 2 - Class 5

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Amazing Americas
Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Americas’. We will be exploring both North and South America and look at all the geographical differences across those two continents and comparing them with England. We shall also be reading the story ‘Holes’ and using this story to improve our comprehension skills and deepen our understanding of North and South America. 


we will be designing Christmas hand warmers to sell at the Christmas fair. we will be learning a range of sewing techniques. 


Our unit in Science is ‘Forces’. This will involve investigating forces and how they act upon different moving objects. We will also be looking at the changes in forces in moving objects including going to the local park to explore forces on play equipment.


 In RE we shall be asking the question ‘how do people express beliefs and identities?’. At how Christianity looks different all across the planet specifically in El Salvador, and how religion might be expressed or form part of our identity.   

Our PE days this term are Thursday and Friday. Please come in dressed ready for PE on your days. Thursday will be Gymnastics inside and Friday will be dodgeball outside, please dress appropriately for the activity and the location. 


All homework this term will be related to America and will be geography based. Each week your child should choose one to complete and bring back, this will support their knowledge and understanding in their topic. Also each week there will be spellings and times tables to be practiced which will be given on a Friday for a test the following Friday.