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Term 3 - Class 5

Year 5



Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy holidays and enjoyed the much needed break from the end of terms assessments. Everyone worked really hard last term, and should be proud of everything you achieved.  

Our topic this term is ‘Stargazers’. We will be exploring Earth and Space in Science and through many other topics this term.

This term we'll be diving into the captivating novel "Cosmic" by Frank Cottrell Boyce. This thrilling adventure will serve as the catalyst for inspiring our own science fiction writing. As we explore the imaginative world of "Cosmic," students will embark on creative writing endeavours, crafting their own stories inspired by the themes and elements introduced in the novel and a model text ‘Alien Landing’. Get ready for an enriching literary journey!


In Art we will be looking at Peter Thorpe’s amazing art work that is inspired by Space, using it to explore our understanding of abstract art to create beautiful space themed paintings.


Our unit in Science is Earth and Space, we will be learning about the planets and how they rotate round the Sun. We will also be looking at how the axis of the Earth impacts seasons as well as learning about the lunar cycle.


In Maths we will be continuing to extend our learning on fractions, multiplication and division.


In RE we will be reflecting on the question, how do we make moral choices? The focus is on developing and encouraging pupils to consider relevant moral issues in their own lives and possible consequences of certain actions. They will also compare and contrast Hindu and Christian codes of behaviour and then make this relevant to their own experiences.

In PSHE we will studying Dreams and Goals, in this puzzle piece the children will explore possibilities for the future and how to work towards them.


In Music, we will be rehearsing for the upcoming Young Voices performance. This collaborative experience will refine vocal skills, promote teamwork, and cultivate a passion for music.


In French we will be learning terminology about the weather; this will include how to ask and answer questions such as “What’s the weather like today?”


In PE we will have swimming every Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday, Year 5 girls will have Rugby and Year 5 boys will have a games session with Mr Pile.


In ICT we will be exploring data bases, how they are used and how to create one.