Home Learning due to COVID 19

Hello to all our Little Oaks and your lovely parents and families.
We have attached the new Home Learning planner for the next three weeks with lots of practical and fun activities for you to enjoy. The new Learning Packs will be ready to be picked up from school on Monday 11th May. At the same time you are invited to return your child's reading book and select another. Please observe social distancing guidelines while you do this! We have come so far on this journey together, let's hope all our efforts will pay off and we can all get back to normal very soon!
We miss you!
The Little Oaks Team.

New! Phonics onine lessons-Starting Monday 27th!
Home learning update for Term 5.
Week beginning-Monday 20th April
Hello to you all and we hope you have had a fun, if different, Easter at home. Our topic in Little Oaks this term is 'Superheroes' and I have attached the overview which contains links to some useful websites.
There are new Home Learning packs available for collection from the school during the week beginning Monday 20th April. These packs contain login details to an online maths resource called Numbots 
Also attached is also a document containing links to some great online reading resources.
There is a link here to three weeks worth of activities covering Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Maths and, of course, Playing! 
Click on the link below and then scroll down to Learning at home packs for Reception https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/blog/learning-home-packs/
Keep smiling and know that we miss you all very much hope to see you all again very soon.
Home Learning Update 2/4/2020
Teach a Phonics Session from your home!
Thank you so much to all of you who are engaging with some of our Home Learning tasks. I know with my own children at home I am quite glad to give them something to do as well as letting them enjoy their time at home doing their own thing. My two seem to enjoy keeping the link between home and school going too, and we here at St Mary's think that is very important as well.
I have added the link to Phonics Play which has the planning for Phase Three Phonics sessions that are quite similar to the sessions we have daily in Little Oaks. In Little Oaks we do begin each Phonics session by walking around the room and singing the ABC song, if you want to make it more familiar! The sessions shouldn't be too long- 10-15 minutes a day should suffice and we were on week 6 if you wanted to use that week as a starting point. There are loads of interactive games (Obb and Bob being a favourite!) and also printable resources that support Phase 3 and can be used in these sessions. Have fun!!
The planning does reference the Letters and Sounds document which you can access here...
Most of what it suggests you do in the sessions is outlined here but when it asks you to teach a new sound with 'actions' you might like to look at the document below...
Home Learning Update-1st April
We have added a few more activities to our page. Please continue to read and share books and stories at home. Have you tried David Walliams website? He reads a new story daily. 
We have now got a new online learning platform throughout the school called Purple Mash. You can access it by copying and pasting this link into your browser...
I will be sending your individual logins via Tapestry as they are confidential and cannot be shared with others. Once you have received the cards you can use the login information to set yourselves up on the Parent Portal where you can monitor and interact with your child's learning.
Please have a look at the attached document which contains instructions as to how to go about this registration process.
*School Closure and Home Learning update for Little Oaks*
Hello to all of our Little Oaks family. We wanted to begin by saying what a pleasure it has been getting to know you all and to teach your children so far this year.  They have all come so far and are making great progress. You have all contributed so much already by working so closely with us, for example with sessions like Junk Modelling Castles and the Reading Cafe. Also, with all the learning that goes on at home with Reading books, Key Words etc. It really has made such a huge impact on the children's progress and their overall enjoyment of learning. Thank you all so much!
We know that lots of you are very concerned that your children are still able to continue on their learning journey during these uncertain times. So, we are going to be adding to our Class page regularly to try to keep you abreast with some key learning in order that you can support your children at home.
To begin with we are adding some ideas to help you with Phonics, which we would be teaching for 15 minutes daily. Keep checking up weekly for more updates! We will also be able to connect with you all via Tapestry so do feel free to ask any questions that you might have and we'll do our best to answer them. Let's keep the Little Oaks family working together towards the best outcomes for the children.
Hello to lovely Little Oaks and all your families!
We are busy getting the school ready for welcoming some of you back from next Monday. If you are staying at home, of course that is fine as you will be able to pick up your new learning packs from school as normal.
School does look different and will feel a little different but please don't worry, we are here to help you to get back into your learning and to begin to play around your friends again.
I've included a two metre measuring strip in your learning packs so that you can see exactly how long two metres is. 
In school we have been trying to practise social distancing and we have attached a power point that you might find useful...
Instead of hugs and holding hands with your friends on the first day back, let's try lots of waving and smiling.
Why not try an air high five? Or even a nice squishy marshmallow clap, when you see great learning happening?
Really looking forward to seeing some of you again next week!