Term 6 - Class 1

Summer School | Hillview School Tonbridge Kent UK
Journeys: Are we there yet? 
Our topic this term is geography based and is all about developing mapping skills. 
We will start by finding out Where in the World we live and we will start
to get a feeling of where the UK is in location to other countries, which continent we 
are part of - and begin to learn the names of the other continents of the world - and start to think more about our home country and town. We will use different tools to locate where we live and start to become familiar with some basic map-making skills such as compass points, grid referencing and aerial views. Hopefully they will all learn their home address too,
if they don't already know it.  
We are very much looking forward to our KS1 visit to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm on
Monday 11th July. 
It's going to be a lovely, busy, fun term.
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