Term 2 - Class 5

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Amazing Americas
Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Americas’. We will be exploring both North and South America and look at all the geographical differences across those two continents and comparing them with England. We shall also be reading the story ‘Holes’ and using this story to improve our comprehension skills and deepen our understanding of North and South America. 

In English, the Amazing Americas theme will continue through Literacy. We shall also be reading the story ‘Holes’ and using this story to inspire other pieces of writing such as letter writing and diary writing.


In maths we will be studying multiplication and division, area and perimeter.


In science we will be studying “forces”, we will be explore different forces and how they affect moving objects.


In RE we will be reflecting on the question “How people express their identities and beliefs?”


In Geography we will be exploring the physical and human geography of North and South America. We will also be learning about the different climates and biomes.


In PSHE we will studying celebrating differences.


In music the learning songs for young voices in January.


In French we will be learning some key vocabulary surrounding colours, numbers and how to introduce ourselves.


In DT we will be researching and making Fairground rides using motors and circuits to create moving parts on a fairground ride.


In PE we will have gymnastics on a Tuesday.


In ICT we will be learning how to use spreadsheets, and the basics of excel.