Welcome to Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!
We are a mixed-age class of Year 2 and Year 3 children.
Our class teacher is Mrs Adamson and our TA is Mrs Douthwaite,
who helps us every morning and on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon too.
Our Topics
We love learning through topics and building on our learning across the curriculum.
Our topics this year are:
Sensational Safari!
Back in Time for Dinner
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Riotous Royalty!
Incredible Inventions
Commotion in the Ocean
In Class 3 we enjoy APPLE Time!
APPLE time is a transition from the play-based curriculum as experienced in Class 2 to the more independent learning as seen in Class 4.
During APPLE time the children are doing practical and fun activities independently, based on the learning objective for that lesson.
This allows them to develop the resilience and confidence to become independent learners, while also allowing the teacher and TA to support and extend those children who are working on a main teaching activity.
The children love the opportunity to develop and extend their learning, while having fun. While the activities may be independent, the children are often given opportunities to work in pairs or as a team and therefore can develop the vital skills needed to successfully work with others.