Term 6 - Class 3

Our topic this term is South America, where we will focus will be Geography and the South American Rainforest.  
KIRF - I can tell time to the nearest minute. 

Our topic this term is the South American Rainforest. We have lots of exciting things planned! We will be learning all about life in the Amazon rainforest, exploring the climate, habitats, animals and deforestation. We can’t wait.  


In English, we will spend most of the term looking at Myths and Legends linked to the South American culture. At the end of our learning, we will have a go at writing our own. We can’t wait to share them with you. After this, we will be writing out own riddles. Can you figure out which continent this riddle is about?... ‘The Incas built an empire here, but it’s been gone 500 years. Sir Frances Drake once sailed his ship, around Cape Horn, at my south tip. The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil grew long ago, and grows here still.’


In Maths we will be diving deeper into our learning about fractions. This will involve looking at fractions of objects, equivalent fraction, adding and subtracting fractions and much more.


Our topic for Science this term is ‘Ready Steady Grow!’ and involves all things plants. This links nicely to our South American Rainforest topic and means we can conduct lots of exciting experiments in the classroom.


In Religious Education, we will be looking at the question ‘What can we learn from the life and the teachings of Jesus?’


In Design & Technology, we will have a go at creating our own carnival masks. Fingers crossed we can make them move! 


In PE, the children will be taking part in Athletics to prepare for Sports Day and cricket.


In PSHE, we will be looking at the topic ‘Changing Me’. This will involve looking at changes in own bodies from babies to adulthood, both inside and outside of the body. 


In Class 3, children are expected to read 5 times a week. In order to keep track of this, reading records will be looked at every day in school. Please ensure that these are signed and brought into school daily. Alongside reading books chosen at school, please encourage the children to read a variety of texts and books written by different authors. GetEpic is a great place for this!

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We have has some absolutely fantastic pieces of homework during the past three terms, keep up the excellent work! As before, children will continue to have homework every week which can be found in their homework books. This is due in on a Friday.  Please ensure that your child completes their homework in order to consolidate and support their learning. Please also encourage the children to take care of these books, they contain fantastic pieces of work and it is important that the children are responsible for taking pride in how these books are kept.

Children will also have spellings and times tables to learn which they will be tested on. Spellings and times tables will also be tested on a Friday.