Our school's curriculum comprises of all learning  experiences that we plan and offer to our pupils. The National Curriculum forms only one part of this and we aim to provide the children with truly inspiring learning opportunities, which engage and inspire all children to reach their full potential. We achieve this in a variety of ways including:

  • Engaging contexts for learning which reflect real life or follow children’s interests
  • Using different locations, taking learning outside or going on visits
  • Making good use of local and national events e.g. Remembrance Day
  • Offering a wide range of clubs and extended opportunities
  • Providing inspirational experiences such as performing in Bath or the O2 in London, living history days, opportunities to work with artists, visiting places of worship...

Through our curriculum, we aim for children to have the best possible opportunities to become successful, independent learners - who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve high standards in a safe environment. We create confident, creative individuals - who are able to live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives as responsible citizens - who make a positive contribution.

At St Mary’s Church of England Primary School we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty as well as the mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  


Our Curriculum Intent


Learning is a change to long-term memory.  At St Mary's, our curriculum intent for all subjects is to ensure our children experience a wide breadth of study, which children are not only able to enjoy, but also enables them to commit knowledge to their long-term memory, nurturing a deep and longer lasting learning. 

Our approach reflects the purposes and aims taken from the National Curriculum. The subject topics are mapped out to ensure coverage and so that a clear progression is identified logically and systematically.

Our curriculum is sequenced through both long and medium term plans to help children enhance and build upon their cumulative knowledge towards agreed milestones and end tasks (POP Tasks).

Subject content is organised through threshold concepts which are mapped out through the National Curriculum aims. This ensures that children are able to see a clear progression through their own learning as these consistent knowledge hooks help us as teachers to organise new knowledge systematically and ensure a logical progression throughout their time at our school.

Reading and Vocabulary 

The way that we have designed the curriculum engages pupils to read a wider breadth of fiction and non-fiction texts. We are passionate about reading and demonstrate this in all subjects by exploring different types of genre and texts to help discover new information both visually and through written word. This enables us to help put topics within subjects in to a context whilst building upon previous learning. As well as this, it helps children to recall important information and embed learnt knowledge from the short term memory in to the long term memory. Within our reading, we aim to expose children, of differing needs, to high quality contexts linking back to cultural capital and with an aim to develop a wider range of vocabulary across the curriculum subjects. We also provide children with key vocabulary which allows them to engage in critical analysis of this.


Please see the individual subject areas to find out more about the curriculum.