Term 3


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy holidays and enjoyed the much needed break from the end of terms assessments. Everyone worked really hard last term, especially with our reading percentage as a class reaching its highest ever with 63% of children reading 5 times in a week. Hopefully we can beat that this term!


What we are learning:


Our topic this term is ‘Stargazers’. We will be exploring Earth and space in science and through many other topics this term.

This term is ‘book term’ which means we will be exploring our topic in depth through a book taking lots of inspiration from it throughout all our lessons. To tie in with the theme of Earth and space our book is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We will be writing adventure stories and much much more.


In Art we will be looking at Peter Thorpe’s amazing art work that is inspired by Space, using it to explore our understanding of abstract art to create beautiful space themed paintings.


Our unit in Science is Earth and space, we will be learning about the planets and how they rotate round the Sun. we will also be looking at how the axis of the Earth impacts seasons as well as learning about the lunar cycle.


In RE we will be reflecting on the question, how do we make moral choices? The focus is on developing and encouraging pupils to consider relevant moral issues in their own lives and possible consequences of certain actions. They will also explore Hindu and Christian codes of behaviour and compare and contrast, then make this relevant to their own experiences.



As you know our class goal was to reach 70% last half term of children reading 5 times in a week, as we have not yet met our goal we will still be working towards their target this term. This term KS1 will be joining the competition so we really need to work hard to ensure that our class are reading as much as we can.

Please also remember to sign your child’s reading record and ensure it is brought into school every day, just to let us know that they have read their book. We have a reading reward system, so that children are recognised for their efforts in reading at home.

Listening to children read is generally carried out through Guided Group Reading sessions. However, we will endeavour to make sure that children are listened to individually as often as possible and as appropriate to each child’s needs.