Term 2

This term our topic title is 'What's the problem?' which was inspired by an environmentally themed book called Brother Eagle and Sister Sky. Class 5 will be learning about plastic pollution in our oceans, in particularly about an island (in the North Pacific ocean) called Midway Atoll. In English, our focus will be on creating a news report about the plastic problem at Midway Atoll; both in writing and using I movie. Following on from this, we will be learning how to write a persuasive letter based upon the plastic problem. 
For our inspirational starter, the Class arrived in school to find the classroom had been 'trashed' with lots of plastic rubbish. The class sorted, counted and estimated how much plastic rubbish one household produces each year; a whopping 4,345 items! We learnt how oils was made through drama and created Marine Monsters from the waste. What a fabulous, as well as eye-opening, day it was! 
On the 20th November, the class will also be taking part in a litter pick to see the problem with plastic in our local area. 
With the wonderful winter nearly upon us, it is also time to start thinking about the school Christmas Fayre! With our theme in mind, Class 5 will be producing some amazing environmentally themed treats for you to purchase; watch this space for photos! 
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