Term 2

Back in Time for Dinner

Our topic for this term was ‘Back in Time for Dinner’. Just like the BBC2 programme we embarked on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure to discover how our experience of food has changed over the last 100 years. The children have had the opportunity to cook and sample a range of traditional dishes from the past as well as finding out where our food has come from and how shopping habits have changed.

Learning Through Cooking
In our topic lessons we have all had the opportunity to cook a dish from a different era.
One group cooked Leek and Potato Soup, learning that the food that we grew in our gardens was a very important part of our meals in the past.
The next group cooked Bread and Butter Pudding, while we learnt about how sweet treats have changed since the 1900s, and how some have stayed with us today.
Our final group cooked two dishes from the Word War II era, when food was in limited supply. The main ingredient in both dishes was mashed potato, with the remaining ingredients coming from the weekly rations. The Bacon and Potato Cakes were yummy and while the Coquet Pudding seemed strange at first, it was actually quite delicious!