We work really hard in our class to improve our reading, times tables and spellings.

Class 5 have the following systems:

Reading is the skill that allows children to access other areas of the curriculum. The children complete guided reading sessions at school to develop their comprehension of texts and are encouraged to read on a regular basis. Children are encouraged to read every single day.

If a child only reads for five minutes a day at home, by the end of the week they will only have read for 35 minutes. If they read for twenty minutes a day, that totals two hours and ten minutes a week. However, if they read for an hour a day, that would mean that they would read seven hours in a week! Imagine how good at reading they would be then! Incredible!

  • The children need to bring their reading log into school every day, with new comments about what they have read. Each week, parents should write a comment about what they have heard their child read. It is also important for children to write comments and record page numbers to which they have read.
  • Times tables are tested individually and used in daily maths lessons. We play games, such as Times Tables Shoot-out! that rely on strong times tables knowledge.
  • Personal spellings are sent home on a Friday and are tested on the following Friday. If children get all their words correct, they move on to the next group of new words. Any words that are not correct have to be practised until they have been properly memorised. Spellings must be practised daily, and we advise writing each word correctly at least ten times a day until it has been learnt. The children can be as creative as they would like when practising spellings. Using joined handwriting is one way to link memory of word structure and muscle-memory, making the learning experience more effective.
  • Mathletics maths tasks are also set weekly for the children to complete on the computer, children will also have time in school to work on mathletics too.
  • Topic Homework: Children are encouraged to complete open-ended homework weekly to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their topic, they will develop into little experts who will be able to teach us all new things.