Home learning 11th-22nd May

                 ******** HOME LEARNING WEEK BEGINNING 11TH MAY********
Hello again, everyone.
I hope everyone is well and happy. It has been great to catch up with everyone over the last couple of weeks and to hear that you are all keeping safe - and sane! Thank you for all you are doing to support your child's home learning; we really couldn't do it without you. I am going to be stealing some of the fab ideas you have come up with! 
Our new learning packs will be ready for collection from (tomorrow) Monday 11th. This time I have included a suggested timetable as some of you felt it would be helpful. In the packs the work is organised into two weeks with each week including English, maths and wider curriculum (science, geography, PE...) ideas and activities. 
Please could you also bring back any of the work that has already been completed and any reading books you would like to exchange. 
Maths: I have once again used White Rose maths worksheets and it does link to BBC Bitesize Year 1 maths lessons. HOWEVER, as we have already done some of the work BBC have scheduled for the next couple of weeks, I have jiggled it around a bit...
Week 1: 11th May: Addition and subtraction 1 (number bonds, related fact families...)
can be found on Bitesize week - 4th-8th May
Week 2: 18th May: Addition and Subtraction 2 (add by making 10, how to subtract numbers...) 
can be found on Bitesize week - 11th-15th May
Hopefully this will all be clear when you have your packs! 
I have also put in a laminated 100-square, numberlines and a 'whiteboard' pen which may help with the maths tasks.
As well as writing, reading, science, geography etc, I have also put in a few 'fun' things like wordsearches, dot-to-dot, colouring activities that are optional but may provide a welcome diversion for five minutes! 
I would love to have more photos of some of the other great things you are doing at home. Please keep them coming and check out the photos I have already received on the 'What we have been doing at home...' pages.
You can contact me either through email on Purple Mash or via an email to the school - and send photos in this way too. 
Take care all and hope to be in touch with you all again soon.
Mrs Roberts