At St. Mary's

At. St. Mary’s, there are many things which we want for our pupils. We whole-heartedly believe in the verse from Collossians 3:23:

'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.'

Therefore, we want pupils to excel in whatever areas of life they choose to focus on. Health, excellence, aspirations, resilience and togetherness is at the Heart of everything, which we do at St. Mary’s.


As a school we have chosen to focus on 6 of the Christian values to learn about each term. These were chosen by pupils, parents, staff and the community of St. Mary's. They are: friendship, compassion, perseverance, respect, generosity and service, truthfulness. Please see our values page for more information. 



Reflections and Spirituality 

Each class has a reflective area and Bibles, which are used by children as a space to reflect on the value of the term as well as in class worships and when reading together stories, which are linked to the worship and values.

Within lessons, recording of views and opinions are within the children’s RE books, which allows them to reflect upon an enquiry question for each unit of study. These are used to build upon discussions in class at an age-appropriate level.

If you would like to know more about the areas of discussion for each year group, please visit our RE curriculum page.